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Increasing the upload limit on Kubernetes NGINX Ingress

Posted on One min read

This is another quick post (I quite like this type of post) detailing how I increased the upload file size limit on the kubernetes nginx ingress controller. I decided to write this because I found a lack of decent documentation on the subject and I thought if at least one person finds this useful I have done good.

So my first attempt using some 5 minute Googling did not work. I said i could set "body-size": "0" on the nginx config map to have no limit, but that seemed to have no effect. Ah well, back to the infinite source of wisdom and lies that is the Internet.

I also didn’t really want this set globally, I’d prefer per ingress definition. Another half an hour later I found this page showing how it’s actually meant to be done. The first thing I found out was that I should have been setting client-max-body-size not body-size, thank you random incorrect blog post! The second thing was that I could set the annotation on the ingress definition (yay!).

So with my newly found knowledge I can now add this to my ingress, in the metadata section:

annotations: "0"

And done! Tested (always test) and working. I hope you found this useful in some way.