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Welcome to my new site

Posted on One min read

Hello, there! I welcome you to my new site. I’ve been thinking about having a blog/portfolio for a while now and I finally decided to put one together. I decided on Hugo for the site due to my love for Go, it’s simplicity and speed. It is hosted on a Kubernets cluster (overkill I know, bit hey I had one runing already) and CI is with TeamCity. These are two new things to me (as in past week new) so expect many posts on those. So a list of things to expect:

  • Docker
  • Go
  • Python
  • Django
  • Kubernetes
  • Websites
  • CI
  • Anything else I happen to be doing
  • Random thoughts

I do work as the CTO and Lead Developer for Fluid Meida so expect a lot on the things I’m doing over there, but I’m open for any other freelance work in any of the topics listed above (or anything else, I don’t mind giving things a go).

Thats all for now, Expect some actual content soon!